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5 Lesser-Known Tips for Planning Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

You’ve heard the same old ideas and reminders over and over again. But have you heard them all? Here are five lesser-known tips that are crucial for planning your Lake Tahoe wedding:

  1. Remember that many may be coming with children and babies. Most wedding parties are OK with these guests, but some may not want a crying baby or questioning toddler breaking the “I do” moment. Most parents will be responsible about these moments. Yet if you have greater concern about children, you can always designate a play area and hire an event babysitter to take care of children during the wedding. Make sure to include this detail in invites and RSVPs so parents aren’t taken unaware by this arrangement upon arriving.
  1. Book ahead. Wedding venues fill up fast. This is especially true of the summer, which is known as wedding season for a reason. Select the site for your Lake Tahoe wedding and coordinate with us in advance. We’ll let you know how fast booking fills depending on your location and date.
  1. For bridesmaids and groomsmen, always remember to present a gift. They’re the first to pick up slack and iron out any wrinkles that may happen the day of. Their positions aren’t just ceremonial. They’re often the ones who’ll feel most responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. Chances are, there’s some hiccup you’ll never know about because someone in the wedding party saw it and handled it so that you never had to worry about it. Show your appreciation for this with a gift as a symbol of your gratitude.
  1. Some weddings invite different numbers of guests to the wedding ceremony and the reception. Avoid this if possible. Some may be hurt that they’re invited to one and not the other. If it can’t be avoided, be straight up and ask someone if they’re hurt. Explain your reasoning. Someone who’s moping at the reception can have an effect on the entire event.
  1. Remember to take a breath and relax the day before your wedding. You need to let the tension of planning and organizing out before you walk up the aisle. Remember to enjoy your day and trust your wedding party and family to be there to handle last-minute things.
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