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4 Perfect Ideas for a Winter Wedding That Just Works

There are advantages to a winter wedding over a summer one, and not just because you’ll get the locations more affordably. Lake Tahoe wedding locations look beautiful in the Winter. The world just looks different in winter. It even sounds different. Here are 4 ideas to help you make the most of your Winter Wedding:


Winter is a perfect time to splash color onto bride and groom alike. A passionate red shawl, a fur cape, cute wedding boots (so much more comfortable than high heels!) and stylish jackets are perfect ways to accessorize and make yourself stand out against the freshly fallen snow. Elements like lipstick and makeup also stand out that much more, highlighting the beauty of brides and bridesmaids.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Seriously, a hot chocolate bar with all the fixings will be the biggest hit at your wedding. Kids will love the idea of having hot chocolate and getting to decide what to put in theirs, while adults will appreciate fixings such as Baileys irish cream, Kahlua, and RumChata. A hot beverage bar like this can also serve coffee, tea, hot cider, and a variety of other perfect, warming winter drinks.

Cozy Fires

Whether a bonfire or small campfires, these hearken back to our caveman days of grouping together to stay warm and cozy before the harsher elements Nature throws at us. Always ensure that any fire you plan is approved by your location, that you keep away flammable decorations, and that you follow all fire safety laws (they’re there for a reason). If you follow all these rules, though, a nice fire is perfect to balance out the winter weather as the day draws to a close. It’s also a wonderful symbol of love and passion on such a special day as your wedding.

More Honeymoon Choices

You can’t exactly hit the slopes if you get married in July, but if you enjoy Winter getaways, you can only get away to them during the Winter. Alternately, if you’re planning that Caribbean vacation, the great news is you’ll still have great weather whatever time of year you travel there. You don’t lose out on the warm weather options, but you gain a whole range of cold weather options if that’s what you enjoy more.

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