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Attire Tips for the Wedding Guest

Even for the bride, there is an immense number of choices to be made as far as wedding attire is concerned, but as a guest you have an even broader range of selections.  Undoubtedly, you want to look your best, so if you have found yourself more than a little concerned about what to wear to your friend’s- or family member’s wedding celebration, we suggest that you consider the following pieces of advice.

Avoid Black and White Unless you are specifically attending a black-and-white affair, it is best to avoid these colors.  White is typically reserved for the bride, and black is a bit somber for a wedding event.  You can include these colors in your wardrobe, but add pops of other color to make it more wedding appropriate.

Make One Look Work For Multiple Weddings When you are of a particular age, you will likely find that you are suddenly invited to a large number of special events.  If you have multiple weddings to attend this year, consider choosing a look that can transition from one to the other.  The best way to do this is to choose a neutral dress or outfit that can be altered with the addition of different accessories.  For instance, you could wear a small sweater over it for the spring wedding with chunky, statement earrings.  At the summer wedding, leave the sweater at home and pair the outfit with a brightly colored pair of shoes, matching necklace, and handbag.

Consider a skirt and top, instead of a dress.  Why?  Skirts can often be worn again, with a different top, to create an entirely different look.  That means that you can get more than one wedding out of the same outfit.  Choose the right skirt, and you may even be able to add to your work wardrobe.

Remember that the Bride is the Star Whatever you choose, do not let it be so bold that it outshines the bride.  Avoid clothing that is overly sexy, fluorescent, or otherwise loud.  Similarly, we suggest that you avoid large hats or headpieces.

Mix and Match your Colors Choose accessories that compliment, rather than match.  Rather than opting for gray shoes to wear with your gray and navy dress, for instance, select a pair in peach or a pale pink and match your other accessories – purse, scarf, jewelry or sweater to that hue.

Layer your Outfit Layering is a great choice.  We’ve mentioned sweaters and jackets, for good reason.  Ceremonies and receptions can span over several hours, transition from indoors to out, or from day to night.  You’ll likely move from table to dance floor, as well.  That can mean fluctuations in temperature that will make you happy that you opted for layers.


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