Wedding Ideas

Write the speech in pieces For many-, if not most people, writing a toast for a wedding is a stressful endeavor.  A large percentage of people feel uncomfortable speaking in front of others, and even the thought of it can be nerve-racking, so instead of overwhelming yourself, start writing several weeks in advance and write one small section at a time. Include an introduction Who are you?  How do you know the happy couple? How long have you been part of their lives? Not everyone will know you, so it is nice to include this in your speech.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal when you first think about ordering and addressing invitations, but the way that you label this stationary can make all the difference when the big day arrives.  First of all, labeling the invitations incorrectly can cause unintended insult for some.  Secondly, the wrong form of address could mean that you wind up entertaining more guests than planned.  So, be sure to ask yourself the following questions.

You don’t have to get married at a golf course to be inspired by the sport.  If you and your spouse-to-be really enjoy golf outings together, or if you met on a golf course, then it may make the perfect theme for your big day. Having a theme for your wedding will make the planning much simpler, and will help to ensure that you have a cohesive look to the event.  So, if you are considering including your love of golf in the festivities, consider taking it to the next level and centering the look of the day around the pastime.

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