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Engravings To Commemorate Your Wedding

Engravings in wedding bands are nothing new.  This is a practice that has been used by couples for many, many years, but that doesn’t imply that it is any less meaningful today.  In fact, it is often consider very good for the relationship to have an engraving on the wedding bands, because it can serve as a reminder of the love shared when you run into hard times in your relationship.

It’s not just the wedding band, though, that you can have engraved these days.  Many brides and grooms are choosing to have barware, cake knives, bridesmaid jewelry, and guest favors engraved these days.  If you are looking for inspiration, or you want something other than the date of your ceremony etched into these meaningful items, then consider the following lists.

Engraving Ideas for the Bride and Groom Who Started as Friends Many of the greatest, strongest relationships are those that started as friendship.  It is a great foundation to build upon, and recalling this fact serves as great inspiration for the engraving.

Love Is Friendship Set On Fire

Forever Friends

My Best Friend

Love, Friendship &Happiness

Today I Married My Friend

Engraving Ideas Related to Two People Being Joined as One There is something beautiful about the idea of the wedding vows binding two hearts together for all time.  If you love the sentiment and want to pay homage to that, then consider these great engraving options.

You’re Still the One

One Love, One Lifetime

My One True Love

United As One

You’re The One I’ve Waited For

I cross my heart

My Heart Is Yours Forever

Two Souls, One Heart

You’re the music of my heart

Engraving Ideas for Those Who Believe That God Always Comes First If you feel love for your spouse, but also for the God who brought the two of you together, then honor those beliefs in your engraving.

Joined Under God

By The Grace of God

God Bless This Marriage

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