January 2017

More and more couples are meeting later in life, and not walking down the aisle until they are well into their thirties or forties.  Some of these are first time brides and grooms.  However, in other cases, these are individuals who are looking for love a second time, which means that ceremonies often involve children – his, hers, or theirs.  For some that might mean that there has been divorce, for others tragedy.  Regardless, it becomes necessary to make the children feel involved in the special joining of two people, and multiple hearts.

We read an interesting article recently that discussed the idea of hosting a dry wedding.  Certainly, there are those couples for which this would be a reasonable and expected decision.  However, for most, the concept of a dry wedding would only be scoffed at.  In this case, the groom was concerned about the drinking habits of some of the friends and family members to be invited.  The advice he received was that he should not attempt to be responsible for all those who will attend, and, perhaps, to compromise with his bride-to-be and in-laws-to-be by suggesting a beer-and-wine only alternative.