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Keeping the Peace with Better Wedding Planning Organization

It is no secret that wedding planning can be quite taxing, emotionally.  There have been shows made centered around the idea of the crazy bride.  But, you can keep the peace and prevent pre-marriage spats, by ensuring that your planning process is very well organized.

Keeping things under control begins with job assignments.  You may be faced with a spouse that wants absolutely no part in the planning.  You may be dealing with someone who wants all of the control.  And, chances are that you feeling something that would fall between those two categories.  In order to keep the peace, sit down very early in the process and create job assignments.  Be realistic about each of your strengths and weaknesses.  For instance, if your spouse-to-be is notoriously good at maintaining his/her calendar, being on time for appointments, and fielding phone calls, then perhaps, his/her role should be the scheduling of appointments, rather than choosing the color palettes for the big day.  However, if the opposite is true, and he or she has trouble balancing a changing schedule, hates to make phone calls to schedule appointments, and will notoriously be late for such things, then don’t ask that he or she handle those activities.  Create a sensible list of tasks to be accomplished by each, record these things in each of your calendars, and then work together to accomplish all that must be done.

Part of the planning process is also coming to the understanding that it is a time-consuming venture.  If you and your spouse-to-be are busy, working professionals, as so many people are during the wedding planning phase, then you will need to consider how the planning can be worked into your schedule.  Can you set aside time each day, or each week, which can be designated for this purpose?

Hiring a wedding planner is a very good idea for many couples, and really can reduce the stress of the process. That means fewer fights, and can actually cost far less than you may suspect.  Sure, the actual fee to be paid to the planner may look high on paper, but these professionals are well-equipped with experience and connections.  They know where to buy, how to buy, and when to buy to score the biggest deal for you.  Ultimately, hiring a planner can result in getting far more out of your budget.  And, because money is one of the biggest points of frustration in most relationships, that can go a long way toward preventing arguments.

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