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A Major Trend Shift in the Wedding Industry

There are many trends occurring in the wedding industry all of the time.  They shift and change with the years, but one thing has remained consistent across generations… until now.

For as long as anyone living can remember, the most popular time to be wed was late spring or early summer.  June and July Saturdays have long been booked up more than a year in advance at most wedding reception establishments.  These are always prime months for wedding celebrations.  However, these days, there has been yet another trend shift, and this is a big one.

More and more often, brides-to-be are happily planning away all of June and July, opting to wait for the changing of seasons to say their ‘I dos’.  There are many reasons that might explain this sudden interest in autumn weddings.

Heat… Hot, Sweltering Heat… Where we are, we don’t see the same boiling temperatures that can be seen in the southern states, but even here we can get temperatures well into the 80s and 90s during the summer months.  For the bride that really wants to have an outdoor ceremony and reception, that is a lot for her and her guests to contend with.  Thus, it makes sense that she would want to wait out the heat, opting for the cooler fall months.

Pretty Foliage No doubt about it, if you want an abundance of color in your wedding photos, you can’t beat the reflection of brightly colored fall foliage reflected in the waters of Lake Tahoe.  There is much to be loved about the look of autumn.

Accessibility This won’t, obviously, be the case for much longer if this trend continues, but many brides-to-be were opting for fall ceremonies out of necessity.  If they wanted a Saturday wedding and they waited too long to book the reception hall, they often were forced to opt for a date later in the year.  As we said above, June and July wedding dates typically do book up very quickly.  Assuming this trend continues, though, this may be reversed.

Spring, summer, winter, or fall… you are sure to have a lovely wedding when set against the backdrop of Lake Tahoe.


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