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Wedding Advice 101: When to Listen and When to Ignore

In a recent blog post, we started to discuss some of the advice about ignoring advice that was recently offered in a Glamour Living article.  There were many important points made in the piece, which can be expanded upon, which is why we have decided to include a part II on this blog.

We’ve already mentioned that you have to do what you can to take care of yourself, but you must also take into account the comfort of your guests on the day of the wedding.  Many brides will have a rain plan, should they opt for an outdoor ceremony or reception.  And, it is a very good idea to have that backup plan in place, in case the skies should open up, unexpectedly, on the day of your wedding.  However, it is not just rain that can be a big problem on your big day.  Many weddings are help in the hottest of the hot summer months.  That can result in a whole lot of discomfort for guests who are forced to sit in plastic or metal chairs, waiting for you to make your appearance.  Not only can it, in worst case scenarios, result in guests suffering from dehydration, it can also cause a less significant, but still troubling, problem – sweat.

Most likely, your guests will dress in their best for the day of your wedding.  In dresses and suit jackets, they are likely to get more than a little uncomfortable, sitting in the intense heat.  Be sure that you have a plan in place to keep everyone comfortable and, as Glamour pointed out, don’t listen to any advice otherwise. For rain, of course, there will be a need for shelter.  The issue of heat can be dealt with in a number of different ways, including large fans, intelligent placement of chairs to maximize shade, extra bottled water to prevent dehydration, or even a change to the dress code for the event.

Finally, we’ll touch on the matter of photography and videography.  For many years, video of the wedding was considered an unnecessary extravagance, something that was done only when there were excess funds left once everything else was paid for.    This could result in advice from older generations that involves cutting down on the photography and videography.  These days, this isn’t necessarily the way to go.  New technology and an increase in the number of photography operations have led to a much decreased price range for wedding photography and videography.  There is also a wealth of information on the web about cutting costs in other areas of wedding planning.

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