Wedding Ideas

The beautiful and elegant wedding invitation enclosed in a matching envelope may be a tradition, but it’s also one that has lost favor with more than a few brides. In this digital age, we’ve gone paperless with everything from utility bills to appointment scheduling, so why not apply the same cost-saving and paper waste-reducing principles to wedding invitations? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a digital invitation for your wedding:

Deciding on gifts for the bridal party can be tricky.  Generally, the personalities that make up the group are not a perfect match for each other, and that means that you are stuck trying to find something that will appeal to a widely spread set of interests.  This can be particularly challenging when it comes to the guys in the wedding.  However, our best piece of advice is that you choose something that will continue to be useful long after the wedding reception has come to an end.  The first step in choosing the ideal ‘thank you’ gift is to figure out what the group of men have in common.

WEDDING FLOWERS: PROS AND CONS OF BABY’S BREATHMany brides-to-be are practicing frugal spending habits as they prepare for their big days.  They are also finding that saving money doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the beautiful day that they had always imagined.  One of the greatest ways to save money is to opt for less expensive flower selections.  At the top of that list is baby’s breath.  While it was once treated only as a bouquet filler, it is now appreciated for its stand-alone beauty.  There are many advantages, but also a couple of disadvantages to using this flower in your wedding.

One of the things that many brides complain about after a wedding is having nothing to do with the used centerpieces.  While it might be possible to sell- or to loan them to another bride-to-be, that isn’t always practical or easily done, as every bride has different tastes.  However, if you are wise about your centerpieces, you may just find that you want to take them home at the end of the event, because they can be repurposed around your home.

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