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Ten Fun and Funky Ideas for Your Wedding

Your wedding day might be quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to implement one more great idea.  Check out these fun and funky concepts that we think you will love!

  1. A guest box instead of a guest book, where guests can record a message on video. Rather than having your guests sign their name to a picture frame, or having them leave a cut comment in a scrapbook, you might instead consider a video confessional booth. Record personal statements from guests and keep the memories forever.  Just imagine how creative those messages could get as the night goes on.
  2. DIY watercooler bar. No, not water. This idea was one that we saw on Pinterest, so it very well could become trendy in the near future, but we loved it enough to mention it.  Instead of water, the five gallon bottles are filled with sodas or booze, and placed on the dispensers.
  3. A special coloring book just for the kids. Coloring books and crayons on the table is nothing new, but it would be extra special if the coloring pages were wedding themed, especially if they included a line drawing of the bride and groom to be colored in.
  4. An instant print guestbook. We already mentioned the video confessional, but if you aren’t crazy about that, perhaps you’d rather have this unique take on the guest book. Have guests capture photos of themselves in the photo booth, and have an instant printer set up to print two copies.  Ask that each couple include one of those in the guest book.
  5. An ice cream truck. Enough said.
  6. Banana splits instead of cake. Especially for a summer wedding, this idea is brilliant. The fruit, ice cream, and myriad of toppings are sure to please.
  7. Sparklers instead of rice or bubbles. Bubbles are cute, and rice has been advised against because of potential danger to the birds, but sparklers would be stunning! This, obviously, is most effective for an evening wedding.  Getting married during the day?  Have people throw biodegradable glitter and confetti instead.
  8. Babysitter lounge. A lot of parents invited, but you’d rather not have the kids at the reception? Use another room of the facility as a babysitter lounge.  Be sure to have some trustworthy sitters on hand.
  9. A personalized puzzle guest book. Here is yet another idea for your guest book.  Have a personalized puzzle made with a photo of you and your spouse-to-be.  Spread the puzzle pieces out on the table and let guests write a small comment on the back of each.  When the day is done, glue the pieces together and frame your memories.
  10. A pre-planned after-party. Don’t let the evening of fun end early.  Make plans in advance for a great after-party, on a boat, in a lounge, or at a favorite club.
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