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How to Address Food Allergies at Your Wedding

Food allergies can be very serious.  There are some people who can’t even be in the same space as foods that contain peanuts, for instance.  So, while it is not your job to ask all guests about their food preferences and potential allergies, if you know someone will be attending who has an issue with certain food types, it is a good idea to take some action.

Food Preferences are Not Allergies Understand that vegetarianism, for instance, is a choice.  That doesn’t mean that you should ignore guests’ food restrictions completely, but you need not go to the same extremes as you might for someone with a serious food allergy.

Speak With the Caterer If there is a food allergy that does not prevent the person from being in the same space, then it is simple enough to plan food options for the guests with the allergies.  Peanuts, shellfish, and dairy for instance, can be worked around for the meal, so that the allergy sufferer can opt for marinated chicken and mashed potatoes, instead of the Thai Peanut shrimp and lasagna.

If the allergy is more severe, and you are willing to accommodate that guest in order to ensure he or she can attend, then it may be necessary to leave that ingredient off the menu completely.  Be sure that you discuss this with the caterer, because peanut oil, for instance, can be used in dishes where it might not be expected.

Discuss it with The Guest Generally, people with allergies or odd dietary restrictions, will make accommodations for themselves when going to such gatherings, choosing from the food options that suit their needs.  However, if you are worried, it is a good idea to speak to the guest in advance, expressing that concern.  This is the best way to know what can be tolerated and what cannot.

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