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Creative “Something Old” Ideas for Brides

Nearly every bride-to-be has heard the words ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’.  If you are trying to be true to this wedding tradition, then you will need to have something old on your person as you walk down the aisle to meet your soon-to-be-spouse.  While family pearls or your mom’s wedding gown might be the most common versions of ‘something old’, we believe that you can be even more creative with your interpretation, if you choose to be.

Vintage Photograph on Shrink FilmThis is an idea that one of our clients brought to our attention.  Today, they make ink jet friendly shrink film.  If you don’t remember this material from your childhood, you are missing out.  Feeling like a cross between thin plastic and a sheet of paper, shrink film allows you to draw (or print) an image, and then heat it up so that it shrinks down to a much smaller size.  In doing so, it is also preserved on a thicker piece of plastic.  If you use a hole punch in the corner of the image before shrinking, there will be a nice hole so you can place the image on a necklace, keychain, or thin ribbon.  You can buy printable ink film on Amazon.com, scan vintage photographs of your family members, and shrink them down to be carried with you down the aisle.

Old Brooch Turned New Hair Piece This is becoming more common, but we still love the idea of repurposing something from the past.  An old brooch may not be something that you want to pin on your dress, but it could certainly look stunning in your hair.

A Grandpa’s Handkerchief Bow Rather than using ribbon to wrap your bridal bouquet, consider wrapping it with grandpa’s old handkerchief. This will allow you to literally hold on to a piece of the past as you walk toward your future.

An Heirloom Gemstone Reset If your grandmother, mother, or soon-to-be mother-in-law have an old piece of jewelry that they want to give you on your wedding day, you might consider having the gemstones or diamonds set in a more contemporary setting and wearing it with your wedding gown.

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