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Three Great Reasons to Include a Candy Bar at Your Wedding

Candy bars have become very popular fixtures at weddings in recent years.  Many brides have fallen head over heels for the idea, which is generally received very well by audiences of all ages.  So, it makes sense that you would be considering a candy bar at your own wedding.  If you are still on the fence regarding whether or not you will offer one, let us provide you three reasons why you will want one.

Add Color to the Setting Choosing a color theme is often one of the first things that brides-to-be will do after accepting the proposal.  There is something wonderful about choosing the colors that will inspire the rest of the day.  One of the greatest things about candy bars is that they are a wonderful way to work more color into a space.  Candy is available in such a wide variety of hues that it is quite easy to find selections that will help you keep your color scheme alive in the space.

Keep Hunger at Bay Another reason why brides love candy bars is that they provide a snack for the guests who must await the bride and groom after the ceremony.  When pictures are taken between the ceremony and reception, as they often are, it can leave guests with a relatively long time to wait before the meal is served.  Candy bars are a great way to keep the impending hunger at bay.  Select candies that offer some substance, if this is your goal.  Or, consider adding cookies and other such small snacks at your candy bar if you want to ensure everyone is kept comfortable while waiting.

Give Small Candy Bags in Place of Wedding Favors Our third reason for considering a candy bar is the fact that small, decorative bags make great wedding favors, and guests can fill them up with candy to bring home, as a reminder of your special day.  This will generally cost a lot less than purchasing more traditional favors.

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