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Wedding Trends that are Losing Steam in 2016

Wedding trends are fickle things, changing from one year to the next like the clothes in your closet. 2015 saw a lot of truly beautiful and innovative ideas, many of which will be used for years to come. However, there were also a few that don’t seem to have as long of a lifespan. Here are the trends wedding experts are predicting will be out the door in 2016.

  1. French manicures. Every bride and bridesmaid needs a gorgeous mani to complete their elegant looks, and the French manicure is one that’s been a go-to for many bridal parties. But many style experts are saying this is a dying trend. Today’s brides are shunning the white-and-clear look and opting for solid, bold colors that complement their wedding colors AND their personalities.
  2. Food trucks. Food trucks, those mobile kitchens we so love, have been a huge hit the last couple of years. The novelty seems to be wearing off, though, and more and more brides are opting for the food truck-style food, but without the truck part. Instead, they’re relying on mini-bars full of foods like tacos, sandwiches, and wraps.
  3. Overloaded plates and big portions. Brides and grooms are more focused than ever on reducing waste, both in their everyday lives and for their big day. Couples are paring down the food quantities for guests, choosing to serve via waiters with food platters instead of the traditional buffet or plated service.
  4. Boho-chic weddings. If Pinterest is any indication, boho-chic may be losing steam for 2016 weddings, as couples are opting for other, more unique looks. Goodbye chalkboards and rustic barn settings, at least for now.
  5. Elaborate updos. Gone are the days when brides spent hours at the salon, emerging only once every strand of hair was perfectly hairsprayed into place. Brides now are opting for simpler looks, with loose blow-outs being the chosen favorite.
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