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Making Use of the Flowers After Your Wedding

Flowers and greenery are a standard part of any wedding decor, but what the heck do you do with it all after the ceremony? That’s the question many brides have asked, as simply throwing it all in the trash seems like a terrible idea. Here are 4 uses for your flowers after you’ve said your “I do’s”.

  1. Share them with another couple. If you have your wedding at a venue that books multiple weddings per day, ask the event coordinator if you can contact another couple about sharing floral arrangements. If you can, you could cut your cost in half, plus you’ll know that the flowers are going to good use. You’ll just have to coordinate with another bride about colors and arrangements, and who knows, maybe you’ll make a great “couple” friend in the process!
  2. Donate them. Many places such as hospitals and nursing homes accept floral donations for their patients and residents to enjoy. Contact a local facility in your area to see if donating your flowers is possible. It’s a lovely gesture that you can feel good about doing afterward.
  3. Make something out of them. There are lots of DIY crafts involving flowers that are fun and easy to make. Try drying them out and making potpourri, or pressing the flowers and using them to create personalized greeting cards. You could also use them to make homemade soaps or candles.
  4. Give them to your guests. Let your guests walk away with something beautiful by gifting your flowers to them. Give your flowers to special guests, or make a game out of it by placing a sticker under the bottom of one chair at each table. Have the guests check their chairs, and the one with the sticker gets to choose a flower arrangement to take home.
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