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Wedding Hacks to Make Planning & Prep a Cinch

When you first start planning for your wedding, it’s all fun and magical. About halfway through, you begin to realize just how much work it is. By the end of it, you’re just ready for the big day to arrive so you can wash your hands of the whole thing. Know what will help? Life hacks, a la wedding style. Use the hacks below to help ease the stress of planning and make your engaged life a whole lot easier.

  • Make a wedding email – Creating a new email address can be done in about 2 minutes, so take that small amount of time to do it. You can use it for all your wedding-related online correspondence, which there will likely be a lot of. If you’re going paperless with invitations, you can also use it to collect RSVPs.
  • Number your RSVPs – For traditional invitations/RSVPs, you might want to number each one so you have another record of who’s who. If someone doesn’t include their name in the RSVP, you have a coordinating number that you can match to your numbered guest list.
  • Prep your shoes – Advise your wedding party (and your fiancé!) to break in their shoes beforehand. No one wants to deal with blisters when they’re dancing at the reception, so spend some time walking around in your wedding footwear before the big day. Pro tip: Rough up the bottoms of slippery soles with sandpaper, and use clear plastic heel covers to keep high heels from sinking in the grass.
  • Use veil weights for outdoor wedding and pictures – A windy day can wreak havoc on your veil, so buy some decorative veil weights to keep your covering in place if you plan on being outdoors.
  • Don’t destroy your top tier – Planning on saving the top tier of your wedding cake for your first anniversary? Stick it in the freezer for 20 minutes before wrapping it so you don’t smear the frosting with the plastic wrap.
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