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A Bride’s Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

Of course your dress is the centerpiece of your wedding attire, but you’ll still need to accessorize at least a little bit. Wedding jewelry will add a bit of sparkle in all the right places, and it can pull your whole look together. Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re picking out your jewelry for the big event:

  • Wait to buy anything until after you’ve chosen your gown. You need to make sure that your accessories match your gown, so don’t choose your jewelry until you’ve finalized your decision about your dress.
  • Let your dress help guide your jewelry selection. If your gown already has a lot of bling, you don’t need as much sparkle where your accessories are concerned. You don’t want there to be competition between your already ornate gown and elaborate jewelry pieces.
  • Make sure your accessories match each other. In addition to complementing your gown, your jewelry should complement each other as well. Metal type, gemstones, and the overall look of each piece should be similar in appearance.
  • Don’t go overboard. You don’t need both a statement necklace and a headpiece. Having both can be distracting, so stick with one or the other.
  • Consider heirloom pieces. If you’ve got jewelry that your mom, grandma or other relative wore, consider how you might work it into your accessory scheme. It can bring a nice, sentimental touch to your look, plus it can function as something old or borrowed to keep with that tradition.
  • Let your own personality and style shine through. If you don’t normally wear a lot jewelry, you may want to keep it this way for your big day. This is about you, after all. Conversely, maybe you’re a gal who loves bringing the bling each day. If that’s the case, now is your time to shine!
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