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Fun and Funky Centerpieces That You’ll Want to Use at Home

One of the things that many brides complain about after a wedding is having nothing to do with the used centerpieces.  While it might be possible to sell- or to loan them to another bride-to-be, that isn’t always practical or easily done, as every bride has different tastes.  However, if you are wise about your centerpieces, you may just find that you want to take them home at the end of the event, because they can be repurposed around your home.

The Living Decorative fish bowls have been quite popular as centerpieces for many years.  You can take this look one step further by actually including living fish in the little aquariums.  Choose your fish wisely, because when the evening is done, you can take the little swimmers home and add them to a fish tank, which will, now, serve as a memory of your special day.  (Used fishbowls can easily be cleaned, and either sold or donated.)

Trapping a Rose It doesn’t have to be a rose, but just a bloom that you feel is beautiful, trapped beneath an overturned etched crystal class.  Top this with a tea light candle and you have a beautiful centerpiece.  You also have new glassware to add to your kitchen when the evening is done.

First Sprouts and Potted Plants Thinking of having your wedding in the spring?  Then you might want to consider bringing your sprouting plants to your wedding to serve as a centerpiece.  Potting boxes can be quite beautifully decorated, and when placed end to end, down the center of a long table, they can be very eye catching.  When the night is done, take them apart, bring them home and prepare to plant your garden.  If you aren’t crazy about sprouting your own plants, then buy them already started and potted.

Antique Books Are you a book lover?  Then, it only makes sense that you would use them on your tables.  Place them in an clear acrylic tray to help protect them from accidental spills, and you can bring them home to join your collection after the wedding.

Black and Whites If you had several lovely pictures taken of you and your spouse-to-be for your engagement, then use them.  Convert them to black and white, place them in ornate frames and place one at the center of each table with a few scattered flower petals.  Afterward, bring them home and hang them in your home.

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