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Wedding Flowers: Pros and Cons of Baby’s Breath

WEDDING FLOWERS: PROS AND CONS OF BABY’S BREATHMany brides-to-be are practicing frugal spending habits as they prepare for their big days.  They are also finding that saving money doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the beautiful day that they had always imagined.  One of the greatest ways to save money is to opt for less expensive flower selections.  At the top of that list is baby’s breath.  While it was once treated only as a bouquet filler, it is now appreciated for its stand-alone beauty.  There are many advantages, but also a couple of disadvantages to using this flower in your wedding.

Advantages Obviously the cost savings is a big one.  Baby’s breath costs significantly less than a wedding full of roses, for instance.  It is also quite beautiful when presented in large bunches.  It has a very soft, whimsical appearance that works for beautifully in many settings.

Furthermore, baby’s breath can be used with any color scheme, because its lack of color is never going to clash.  It is very diverse, working for bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, and more.  We’ve even seen it as a primary topping on wedding cakes (though not an edible one).

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Disadvantages There are a couple of downsides to this flower selection.  The first is the smell.  While some like the scent, others complain that it is called baby’s breath because it smells like spit.  This is really a personal matter.  Some like it, some don’t, which is undoubtedly the case with most flowers.  Just be sure that you take a whiff before you have multiple centerpieces and bouquets put together.

Another downside is that baby’s breath can be hard on asthma sufferers.  This is the case only when the flower is dried.  High levels of ethylene in the bloom can be released when the flower is dried and that can result in lunch irritation, especially for asthma sufferers.  If you are planning to use dried baby’s breath for your wedding, be sure that you have proper ventilation when assembling arrangements.

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