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Why a Wedding Website: 12 Reasons

    1. No Need to Mail Save the Dates One of the greatest reasons to have a wedding website is that it can be a big budget saver. The cost of printing and mailing Save the Date cards, for instance, can be quite significant.  But, a countdown on your website can greet the guests-to-be when you invite them to view your website.
    2. Registry Information in One Place Make it easy on those who aren’t so close to you that they know what you need and what you like in your home. Registries are great, and your website will keep all of that information organized for those who need it.

  1. Directions to the Event Rather than fielding phone calls on how to get to the destination, include directions and links to mobile map apps for guests who need a little help getting where they need to go.
  2. Collect RSVPs Digitally Rather than asking guests to mail in the RSVP cards, accept digital responses on your website. Many hosts have RSVP options that will count the responses, create lists, and tally the number of guests for you.
  3. Share Your Stories As you get more and more excited about the day to come, you can write about what you are contending with as a bride-to-be in blog format, for guests who want to have a closer look at your plans.
  4. Thank Those who Have Helped You Along the Way This is a great place to share your happy thoughts and sincere thank-yous with those who have put forth so much time, money, or energy to make your wedding a success.
  5. Let Memories Mingle A website, which can remain active long after the wedding is done, is a great place to store all of your fabulous memories of the big day. Everything is in one place and accessible from anywhere.
  6. Hotel Information For out-of-town guests, it’s nice to collect hotel information and have that readily accessible. A page for this on your wedding website is ideal.
  7. How to Have Fun in the Area Advice In addition to hotels, it is nice to give out-of-towners some advice on where they can find great entertainment while not at the wedding.
  8. Go Green As mentioned above, a website can save on printing and mailing expenses. That also means that you are using less paper and being good to the environment.
  9. Share Memories with Those Who Can’t Attend This can go both ways. Not only will they have the ability to see some of what is happening on your end, you can also invite them to share a memory or two of the time you have spent together in the past.  These can be add-ons to your guest book.
  10. Provide Time and Attire Details Finally, a website is a great place to reiterate wedding details, such as location, dress code, and ‘in case of rain’ plans.
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