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Seat Assignment Ideas

Creating the seating chart can be among the most challenging parts of wedding planning, so be sure that all of your guests know exactly where they have been placed within the room with creative escort cards.

Seat Assignment and Favor In One This is a very beautiful way to welcome your guests into the space.  Providing them a small gift as they pick up their seating assignment will certainly put a smile on their faces.  Consider a small potted plant for each with the name tag on a planter stick or a packet of seeds with seating assignments tied about them.

Know Your Seat and Your Drink We have seen these at only one wedding, but they were quite brilliant.  Glass markers, which hang from the edge of a cup and have been engraved with the name of the guest and the table assignment are the perfect way to make sure everyone knows where they are to sit and whose cup is whose.

The Winter Wedding Ornament If your wedding is quickly approaching then you will very likely be considering the holiday season and how you might incorporate this into your big day. Ornaments are a great way to do so, and if you can have them engraved with seat assignments, you will accomplish two tasks with one purchase.

You’ve Been Tagged Worried about having so many guests who won’t know each other?  Then take care of part of the problem while resolving the escort card situation.  For each guest, hand out a dog tag necklace that clearly states the person’s first name and table number.  This is particularly effective at a military wedding, for obvious reasons.

A Treat While You Wait Cookies and milk, a mini muffin, or a small bowl of fruit – whichever treat you choose can easily be used to hold the escort card of each guest.  This can serve as a great way to tide guests over until the bigger meal as well.

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