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Fun Ways to Ask your Friends to be Your Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid is a lot of fun, but it can also be quite the undertaking.  That’s why it’s so important for brides to not only ask (instead of just expect) their friends to be in their wedding party, but also to show them that their participation is truly appreciated. Try one of these unique and fun ways to ask your pals if they’ll do you the honor of being your bridesmaid!

  • Bridesmaid box – Who doesn’t love a box of fun little goodies? Ask your closest friends by giving them personalized boxes of their favorite things. Try a mini bottle of champagne for your pal who loves a mimosa brunch, or a fun piece of jewelry for the one in your group who’s never without her accessories. Just don’t forget to preface it with a “Will you please be my bridesmaid?”
  • Surprise shower – Throw your friends a party where they are the guests of honor. Get all your favorite girls together, put on some music and set out some yummy snacks and beverages. After everyone’s settled in, surprise them by asking them to be your bridesmaids!
  • Customized wine bottles – Sometimes half the fun of enjoying wine is picking out the prettiest and most unique bottle labels. Customize a label for each of your friends, being sure to include your question on there. They’ll love the personalized attention – not to mention the delicious wine inside!
  • Sweeten the deal – A box of sweet treats is always a welcome gift. Make (or buy) a box of decadent candies or cookies, and attach a note asking if they’ll be in your wedding.
  • Matching jewelry – Gather up your girlfriends and present them with a beautiful little trinket that they can wear on your wedding day. They’ll love the thoughtfulness, and it’s something that they can enjoy and accessorize with long after the big day has passed.
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