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Ring Bearer Pillow Alternatives

Not loving the idea of having the little man in your wedding carry a pillow with your rings tied to it?  A lot of brides are moving away from the traditional pillow in recent years and the creative replacements are wonderful.  So, if you are searching for something different, consider these great ideas.

Hollow it Out This is among our favorite ideas for replacing the ring bearer’s pillow.  We’ve seen a few couples hollow out items for a surprising twist during the ceremony.  Small sections of tree limb that have been hollowed out and fit with hinges make beautiful ring boxes.  Another bride created a hollow spot within an old book and had the ring bearer carry it, instead of the pillow.

Go Vintage An old locket or small jewelry box can be a great way to have the ring transported down the aisle, and also a beautiful addition to your wedding.  The best part is that this can also allow you to work the “something old” and the “something borrowed” into your celebration.

One with Nature With the idea of “going green” becoming so prevalent, many brides have embraced elements of nature within their wedding planning, and this has certainly extended to the ring bearers as well.  Found sea shells, potted plants, and even coconut shells have been used for this purpose.  The best part is that the potted plant can be kept in the home, or planted outdoors, while the coconut shell and sea shell have been repurposed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Every wedding should have an unexpected twist that makes the event memorable in the eyes of those who attend.  The ring bearer’s pillow is one of those elements that can be effectively swapped without really foregoing tradition.  By making the ring’s vessel something beautiful, unusual, and personal, you give the audience one more reason to pay attention and to recall the wonderful day for years to come.

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