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Wedding Day Moments: Your Story Shared on Your Day

This is the big day, the one that you will plan for.  It might take you six months, it might take you six years, but the day that you don the special dress and walk down the aisle to the love of your life is your moment to shine.  So, be sure that your day is all about that, with your love story at the center of it all.

We love that brides are putting more emphasis on the details that brought them together, that strengthened their love, and that led them to the aisle.  So, how do you share your story in a special way on your big day?  There are plenty of different ways to do so.  Here are just a few of those:

The Standing Bulletin Board Large, standing chalkboards have been very popular on the wedding scene, and they are the perfect place to highlight the most important dates of your relationship: the day that you first met, the first date, the proposal, the first time “I love you” was said, and, of course, the date – the day of the wedding.  These can be shared as is, or with the addition of photos.  It’s a nice way to introduce guests to the event.

The Video Montage Set it on loop and let it run, so guests can see the photos of you and your special someone through the years.  Caption each photo for even greater effect.

Notes for DinnerThis is one that we have only seen once, but we loved it.  Place small cards on each plate.  On each of those cards include a moment in time.  The short stories are the pieces of the bigger puzzle that brought two together as one.  This also gives guests something more to talk about at their tables.

Bride and Groom Speeches Some couples do them, some don’t.  If you do, it is the perfect opportunity to share a piece of your love story.

Ceremony Programs If you are going to hand them out, then you might as well take the opportunity to share a little of your backstory with those who love you enough to join in on your big day.

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