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Preparing for Wedding Season: This Year’s Dress Trends

This is the time of the year when newly engagement couples undergo the first phase of wedding planning, and that often means looking at picture after picture of potential wedding gowns.  While most will be white or off-white this year, you can bet that they will vary substantially in shape, form, and fabric.  However, there are a few trends that are starting to be revealed as brides make their selections for the upcoming wedding season.

Floral There has definitely been a notable trend in wedding jewelry over the past several years, which indicates that brides have a taste for the past.  The vintage appeal has also moved into the wedding gown industry, where floral appliques have been a favored element.  This continues in 2016, but these vintage-inspired elements are even more fantastic thanks to improvements in technology and technique.

Texture Mixing and matching of textures has also been seen a great deal on the runways recently, as designers show off their most recent bridal designs.  Feathers are a definite favorite among those textures.  The softness offered by feathers is so reminiscent of an angel’s wings, so one can certainly picture gliding down the aisle to her intended.  However, it’s not just feathers that are being used to add interest through texture.  Brocades, silks, satins, tulle, lace, and a handful of other materials are being mixed in a manner that makes the dresses tactile dreams.

Plunging Necklines We’ve seen them on the red carpet already this year, but they will also be seen in many churches and reception halls in the near future, because brides are as eager as the stars to play with the plunging neckline.  If it isn’t a true plunging neckline, then it is a well-placed keyhole that gives a hint of what lies beneath.

Pants You want to forego the dress?  You are not alone.  Many women are very accustomed to dressing in denim, leggings, and trousers on a daily basis, and they don’t have the desire to switch to the flowing skirt.  So, they aren’t.  Pantsuits are becoming a more and more common fixture among women on the red carpet, and on the wedding aisle.  The best part is that these wedding dress alternatives are still stunningly feminine.

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