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Mother of the Groom Gift Ideas

She was the first woman in your fiancé’s life, and she raised him to be the man that you love.  It is nice to honor that special relationship and to start off on the right foot with the woman who will be your mother-in-law.

There are several ways that you can approach the gift giving tradition.  You might consider something traditional, but trend, like a necklace engraved with the saying ‘Thank you for raising the man of my dreams.’  This has been a very popular gift in recent years for the mothers of the grooms.  But, we have a few other suggestions that you might want to consider.

Birthstone Ring He may be placing the ring on your finger, but a piece of his heart will always belong to his mother.  Remind her of how much she means to the both of you, give her a ring of her own.  A birthstone ring with your husband-to-be’s birthstone is a great idea.  If you have a strong relationship with your future mother-in-law, you might even consider adding your own birthstone to the mix.

iPod We are living in the technological age, so take advantage of that and give her a gift that will have great meaning and continued use.  An iPod, pre-loaded with the wedding playlist or even a video montage of pictures of her family through the years is a wonderful gift.

Wedding Accessory Make her feel like she is a part of the big day by giving her a gift similar to that you chose for your bridesmaids.  If you gave them necklaces, give her own of a similar nature, but with a special twist, for instance.

A Honeymoon of Her Own While you are away on your big trip, you can be certain that she has a reason to smile as well.  A day trip to a spa, a couple of nights in a nearby city, or tickets to a show that she’ll love, for example, would be great ways to give her a honeymoon of her own.

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