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Wedding Stationary: Prepare the Paper

There are a number of different items that you will need to account for when planning for a wedding, and a surprising number of those items will be made of paper.  Many brides-to-be are expecting the cost of invitations but can be surprised by the number of others things that must be printed and paid for in advance of the big day.

Announcements The initial paper expense is that spent to let everyone in your life know that you have plans to be married.  Once the proposal is accepted, there is generally talk of sending out engagement announcements.

Save the Date Cards After the announcements have been sent, the planning begins, and once the date is set, people should be alerted, so other plans are not made for the same day and time.  This is the part played by save the date cards.  They also happen to be printed on paper.

InvitationsThe more formal invitations are sent as the day draws nearer.  Invitations can be comprised of a single piece of paper (or cardstock) or several, depending on the level of formality desired.

RSVP Cards Along with the invitations, it is traditional to send RSVP cards along with a pre-stamped envelope.  This makes it easier for guests to let you know whether or not they will be able to attend.

Envelopes Speaking of envelopes, you will be needing a lot of them.  With all of the announcements, save the date cards, invitations, and response cards to be mailed, envelopes will account for a large percentage of your paper product budget.

Stamps Of course, the envelopes may not be quite so costly as the postage expense.  Stamps can put a damper on the budget when one considers how many versions of the same item (i.e. invitation) must be sent out.  Add to that the fact that the typical invitation requires additional postage, being too heavy for the standard stamp, and you can see how costs rise quite rapidly.

Programs These are obviously optional, but programs can help you pass useful information along to your guests on the big day.  They can also be used to honor those who have had a meaningful impact on your life, but are unable to attend due to illness or death.

Maps Directions to the event, and also information about the area is very helpful for guests who have come in from out of town.

Personalized Napkins In the bar area or at the reception tables, personalized napkins are a nice touch, but they are made of paper and they will tap into your budget.

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