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More and more couples are meeting later in life, and not walking down the aisle until they are well into their thirties or forties.  Some of these are first time brides and grooms.  However, in other cases, these are individuals who are looking for love a second time, which means that ceremonies often involve children – his, hers, or theirs.  For some that might mean that there has been divorce, for others tragedy.  Regardless, it becomes necessary to make the children feel involved in the special joining of two people, and multiple hearts.

You're still deciding what kind of wedding you want. Do you want it and the reception outdoors or indoors? There are some great benefits to an outdoor wedding, and some things to watch out for. Ultimately, the benefits are considerable. Consider this: All the Space You Could Want. Seriously, you don't run out of space at an outdoor wedding or reception. There's no maximum capacity, you won't have to squeeze plus-ones in at the edges, and the fire codes are simple enough for Smokey Bear to cover in a 15-second commercial.

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