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Creative Options for Outdoor Wedding Seating

When you hold your wedding indoors, many of the details are already decided for you. The personality of the wedding sometimes belongs to the place, and not the couple. When you hold your wedding outdoors however, you can define and change so many details that it becomes an unforgettable experience. Everyone attending will always link their experiences there with you. The most important factor to decide is the place. A Lake Tahoe wedding is spectacular and offer you a gallery of nature’s best wedding locations – on the beach, the overlook of a lakeside bluff, in the gentle woods.

Seating makes up the very architecture and shape of your wedding. It dictates how your guests will view the wedding party and each other during the ceremony. Outdoor weddings provide an opportunity to ditch the straight lines of an indoor space and get creative. You can always go with lawn chairs as a backup, but see what you think of some of these ideas for both the wedding and reception.

For the wedding, consider using hay bales with blankets draped over them. They’re soft, incredibly comfortable, and bring out a rustic tone. You can line up the bales next to each other in curves, or you can space them out to give a smaller wedding a bit of breathing room. Hay bales are still big enough that families can sit together. Just make sure the bales are dry and that the blankets are thick enough to keep the hay from poking.

Alternately, lay wood planks across upturned logs as benches. People will love the rustic feel, and unfinished wood always brings out feelings of comfort and warmth. Make sure you use enough logs and thick enough planks to support the weight of your guests.

Don’t forget to be creative with the reception as well, especially if you’re planning a Lake Tahoe wedding. You can be as creative as you’d like outside. Go low-key, and instead of tables, lay out picnic blankets. Or go ridiculously comfortable, and set out beautiful couches and armchairs. You can even lay pillows on soft, grassy areas and use low tables so everyone can sit on the ground.

If you go for any of these options, always remember to provide extra consideration for those who may have trouble sitting on low seats or on the ground. Older guests will appreciate this and remember your day as unique, too.

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