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4 Beautiful Ideas from Regency Wedding Tradition

Although there were some elements of the Regency Era that we would rather not relive, there were many aspects of the wedding trends of the time that could be beautifully adapted to this modern time.

Weekly Wedding Announcements Every week, for three weeks, leading up to the date of the wedding, the vicar would read an announcement of the bride’s and groom’s intent to marry.  This was a part of the legal process, but there was also, undoubtedly, an element of excitement related to the reading of the banns.  It would be very romantic to find a way to recreate this regency tradition in your modern life, and it would certainly add to the anticipation of the big day.

Personal Correspondence Forget the mass mailed invitations that we know and love today.  If you really want to experience what it might have been like for a woman of the Regency Period, then pull out your ink pot and your quill.  You have a lot of writing to do.  Although you probably aren’t going to hand write each and every one of your invitations, there is something elegant and beautiful about writing a personal note.  Granted the guest lists were much smaller back then, so you may want to consider writing a personal note to only a select few.

Brightly Colored Bride The Regency Era was not known for its white wedding gowns.  The woman generally selected quite vibrant colors in which to be wed.  They, or their family members, would often play a large part in the construction for these gowns.

The Wedding Breakfast Evening weddings are very popular these days, but Regency brides wouldn’t have thought to wed after noon.  Instead, they walked the aisle in the morning hours and then sat down to a formal breakfast with the favored wedding guests.  This concept could be absolutely gorgeously recreated for the modern bride, complete with tasty (very affordable breakfast foods) and mimosas for the toasts.

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