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Deciding on Wedding Bands with Your Spouse-to-Be

There are many elements of wedding planning that don’t have to involve both partners, if one does not desire to be involved.  In many relationships, most of the wedding planning is done by just one of those preparing to say vows.  That is perfectly okay, but when it comes to picking out wedding bands, both bride and groom, both brides, or both grooms should be present.  Here are a few useful tips that can make the process more enjoyable for both:

  1. Try Several Different Styles Even if you think you know exactly what you want, it is advised that you try on at least a few different styles. Rings may look different on your own hand than they do in photos or in the jeweler’s case.  For instance, you may think that you love rose gold, but when you put it on, you may realize that it doesn’t really work with your skin tone. Alternatively, you may dislike wider bands when you see them in the cases, but you may find that they fit your hand well when you put them on.
  2. Don’t Try to Match It used to be considered customary to choose bands for the bride and groom that matched. That is not really the case any longer.  More and more, brides and grooms are opting to select rings that fit their individual personalities.  After all, most will wear these rings on a daily basis.  They should wear something that they like.
  3. Have a Budget Set Ahead of Time Don’t try to decide if you can afford something while sitting at the jeweler’s case. Know in advance what you can realistically afford to spend on the rings and stick to it.  It is also helpful to break split the budget before going to ring shop to prevent awkward moments.  Often a bride’s ring (especially one set with precious stones) will cost more than a groom’s simple band.
  4. Be Cognizant of Lifestyle You may love the wedding band wrapped in opals, but that isn’t going to really work for you if you work with your hands every day. Some stones and metals are more susceptible to damage than others.  Try to choose something that will work with your lifestyle.
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