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Best Places for Wedding Photos in Lake Tahoe

Whether you are a native, or you are inviting your family to travel with you for your big day, Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding.  There are many beautiful places to capture your most precious moments in photographs.

Sand Harbor This is likely one of the most popular photo shoot locations for those announcing an engagement or tying the knot.  It is a beautiful area with plenty of places to pose.  You may choose to stand at the water’s edge, or leaning upon one of the many cedar trees.  There are plenty of large boulders that would provide a perch for the happy couple, or you could be daring, lift your dress and walk right into the crystal-clear waters.

Crystal Cove If you’d like to have the snow-capped mountains as the backdrop for your wedding day photo shoot, then consider Crystal Cove.  This is another popular photo shoot destination, for good reason.  The waters, the trees, and the mountain range beyond, provide a very romantic scenery, for sure.

Truckee River If you want to capture the beauty of the area in your wedding photos, but you want something less trendy as a backdrop, then you might want to consider Truckee River.  This is a popular tourist destination, but a much more common stop for those looking for a whitewater adventure than for those capture moments on film.  The waters are beautiful, the river banks thick with foliage, and the mountains can be seen in the distance.  It is a perfect place to sneak a kiss, or to blatantly share one before the camera.

Tahoe Rim Trail Are you and your spouse-to-be big fans of nature and adventure?  If you are an active couple, then maybe you want to get away from the shores and river banks, to opt, instead, for higher elevations.  The Tahoe Rim Trail may be a bit more challenging to reach in a wedding gown, but the photos you capture from high above the water of Lake Tahoe will make the trip entirely worthwhile.

Emerald Bay There are certain times of the day when this area of Lake Tahoe appears to be painted in nothing but shades of blue.  The nearly enclosed bay is very romantic and really encompasses all of the beauty of Lake Tahoe in a very small area.  Even if you opt away from having your photo shoot set in this location, it is entirely worth a visit during your Lake Tahoe honeymoon.

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