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5 Wedding Favors That Will Make Your Reception More Fun

In the world of weddings, there are two things that most wedding guests will list as the catalysts of the most fun receptions – drinking and dancing.  So, if you’ve already got an excellent bartender and a rocking DJ lined up for your big day, you’re well on your way to a great night.  You can add a little more incentive for people to party with the right wedding favors.

Personalized Cups Why do we love this idea so much?  People can’t help but want to fill up an empty cup.  If you buy into the ‘drinking gets the party started’ philosophy, then these cups with guests’ names already on them are a great way to go.

Mini Bottles of Booze If the bartender is against the idea of filling up wedding favors for you, then consider giving out a little pre-packaged party starter.  There are so many adorable mini booze bottles these days that will add a little touch of fun to your reception tables.  Better yet, if you have a printer and label paper, you can replace the stickers on the bottles with wedding-minded labels.

Disposable Cameras It’s been done, and it should definitely be done again.  This is such a great way to encourage guests to interact with others, and it can also lead to you getting a lot of great shots of your big day.

Flip Flops Uncomfortable shoes prevent dancing.  So, give them a clue.  Hand out flip flops as your wedding favor.  Have them ditch the heals and leather for a bit of fun, dance-friendly sandals.

Meaningful Totes Having an indoor reception?  If so, maybe you don’t need flip-flops at all.  Recently, we saw a guest give away adorable totes to her guests, with the embroidered message, “No Shoes, No Cells.” Many guests took the hint, stashing their shoes and cells in their personalized bags, and then taking to the dance floor.

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