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Using Fruit to Brighten Up Your Big Day

If you are looking for a great theme for your summer wedding, or you simply want to make your celebration stand out in the minds of guests for years to come, then consider fruit.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Flowers are fabulous, but in many instances fruit is far better.  Consider how much color and appeal can be added with a trip through the produce section of the supermarket.  Better yet, you get a big bang for your buck, because fruit can serve multiple purposes.

Bouquets Smell Sweeter We’ve seen several takes on the bridal fruit bouquet, and are always in awe of the creative brides.  Oranges and cinnamon sticks mixed with pretty white blooms will be sure to give a great splash of color and an unbeatable scent.  We’ve also seen grape ivy bouquets with the bunches of fruit still in place.  We’ve even had brides incorporate cut lemons into their bridal bouquets because of their lovely color and smell.

Gets Stay Hydrated Summertime weddings can involve very high temperatures, which makes it essential that guests get enough liquid.  Fruit baskets on the tables can certainly help, allowing guests to nibble on something full of fluid throughout the day and evening.  The fruit can even take the place of more typical hors d’oeuvres served to guests, while the bridal party is busy with the photoshoot.

Table Tops Never Contained So Much Color In addition to taking the place of hors d’oeuvres, the fruit can also substitute for the classic centerpieces.  With outstanding shape, form and color, fruit does make beautiful table toppers (with the added bonus of providing nutrition).

You’ll Stay Nourished It’s not just the guests that will benefit from the readily accessible healthy snacks.  Brides are notoriously bad at staying filled up during wedding receptions.  There are so many people to meet and greet and so many big moments throughout the festivities that it can leave little time for the newly married couple to grab a bite to eat.  So, having fruit within reach throughout the evening can help to ensure that you get enough food and fluid.

Strawberries Make Everything Sexier We previously mentioned the photoshoot, which could also benefit from the addition of fruit.  Chocolate covered strawberries, for instance, which are both delicious and beautiful to look at.  Get some designer strawberries and capture some sexy (but tasteful and tasty) shots of you and your groom on the big day.

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