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The One Area of Wedding Planning That Brides-To-Be Overlook

There is so much to consider when you are in the process of planning one of the biggest days of your life.  Your wedding day is an event that you will remember for all of your years to come.  Even when the memories begin to fade, the photographs taken of the day will serve as reminders.  This is truly your big day.  So, of course, you want to ensure that every detail is accounted for.  However, there is one area of the planning process that brides-to-be commonly overlook.  While they are busy dress shopping, diet planning, cake-tasting, and bridal party assembling, they will completely forget about mental health.

The ‘bridezilla’ term was born as a result of the tendency of brides-to-be to become overwhelmed and snap at others as a result.  While television shows will make fun of the stress that comes with wedding planning, it is a legitimate concern in real life.  Your big day is meant to be filled with friends, family, and an abundance of fun.  If, though, planning it causes you to suffer mentally and emotionally, you won’t enjoy all of your hard work as you should. So, make room in your wedding planning process for caring for your mental health.

Take Breaks Undoubtedly this process will consume a large amount of your time, but it shouldn’t be all-encompassing.  Be sure that you leave time to enjoy the things that you have always done in the past.  If you are part of an athletic league, you regularly go out with friends on the weekend, or you really love cycling, then keep doing so.  Don’t let wedding planning take all of the joy out of your life.  Work the appointments with vendors, the dress shopping, and the venue visits around your usual activities, rather than foregoing all of the fun.

Consider a New Exercise Regime Exercise is stress-relieving.  It can also help you stay in shape for your wedding.  So, there are multiple reasons to add it to your schedule.  Consider a regime that is well-known for reducing stress.  For instance, yoga, Pilates, and swimming have all been shown to reduce anxiety.

Find the Fun in the Planning Be sure that you aren’t missing out on the fun of planning in the rush to get it all done.  Cake tasting can be a deliciously pleasant activity.  Shopping for a dress is something to enjoy with friends or a favored family member, so make a day of it.  Even the seating chart can be more enjoyable when you set the mood.  For instance, play your favorite music and have a private wine and cheese tasting set up around the table assignment chart.  The table assignments will not feel so torturous.

Hire a Planner If it all still seems to overwhelming, then hire a planner.  You will likely find that the cost of hiring the professional is wiped away as a result of the savings that the planner can score for you.  And, ultimately, it is worth the price tag, if it means that you are able to be a happy, healthy bride on your wedding day.

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