Wedding Planning

If you are planning for your big day, then you have likely already noticed how quickly a wedding budget can be spent.  When it comes time to decide on wedding favors, there can be a great deal of frustration tied to the cost, because even the cost of the most inexpensive items adds up when buying for 150-, 200-, or 250 people.   The good news is that this is one area of your wedding where a little DIY can be practical, worthwhile, and appreciated. Rather than buying premade just for $1 or $2 per person, consider how you can spend that money to make your own highly-desirable favors.  We have seen many brides do this with the greatest success and class.

Planning a wedding is a big undertaking, which is why many brides hand the reigns over to a professional planner.  It is a lot to take on, but if you are an organized person, it is possible to make your day a big success without the help of the pros.  There are, though, certain mistakes that are commonly made by couples planning their own weddings.  Included here are a few of those that you will want to avoid.

We read an interesting article recently that discussed the idea of hosting a dry wedding.  Certainly, there are those couples for which this would be a reasonable and expected decision.  However, for most, the concept of a dry wedding would only be scoffed at.  In this case, the groom was concerned about the drinking habits of some of the friends and family members to be invited.  The advice he received was that he should not attempt to be responsible for all those who will attend, and, perhaps, to compromise with his bride-to-be and in-laws-to-be by suggesting a beer-and-wine only alternative.

Very likely, creating a wedding registry will be one of the more fun aspects of planning a wedding.  It will also, very likely, be the aspect most embraced by your spouse-to-be.  However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, before you accept the scanner and start marking the items that you most desire. Although you will be excited about creating this list of potential gifts, don’t go into the process blind.  Be sure that you have a realistic list of things that are needed around the home.  While the electric wine bottle opener will be fun to own, if you are still eating off of paper plates, it might be better to register for dinnerware, for instance.

All-white weddings are beautiful.  They have a timeless appeal, but they also require a lot of planning, forethought, and the ability to look past the spills and stains that are bound to happen. Preparation for the all-white wedding is essential.  If you want to ensure that all of your guests dress appropriately, you need to be sure that your invitations clearly state that you expect everyone to wear white.

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