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Identity theft usually refers to the criminal act of stealing another person’s identifying information for financial gain. However, in wedding-speak, identity theft means something entirely different. Here, identity theft is what happens when a bride or groom becomes completely consumed by wedding planning, losing all trace of their former selves. They get so sucked into planning every minute detail that they forget who they were before they got engaged! This can be maddening for the people around them, and it’s not good for the person doing the planning either. Don’t become a victim of wedding identity theft. Here’s how you can protect yourself:

By and large, Saturday is the most popular day to host a your big event, whether you’re having a Lake Tahoe wedding or a ceremony somewhere else. However, this obviously isn’t the only day of the week available. While Friday and Sunday are the next best options for most people, that still leaves Monday through Thursday as possible contenders. Whatever your reasons for considering this non-traditional days, consider these factors before setting your weekday wedding date.

Very often, a man will pop the question, receive the desired response, and then happily take a backseat as wedding planning progresses.  While you might be more than pleased to make most of the decisions for the big day, you will, undoubtedly, find that you would like your man to be involved in some of the planning.  If you are having trouble getting him to attend fittings, tastings, and bridal shows, then you might have to revamp your thinking, focusing on the parts of the wedding that are most likely to appeal to him.

The idea of walking down the aisle, in a flowing white gown, with flowers and lights all around is the dream of millions of young women.  The wedding that was pictured as a young girl was, undoubtedly, an extravagant affair, with the best flowers, carved arches, gorgeous backdrops, and a large crowd of friends and family.  However, when it comes time to plan the actual affair, many brides-to-be are disappointed to find that the budget will not allow for such extravagance.

WEDDING FLOWERS: PROS AND CONS OF BABY’S BREATHMany brides-to-be are practicing frugal spending habits as they prepare for their big days.  They are also finding that saving money doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the beautiful day that they had always imagined.  One of the greatest ways to save money is to opt for less expensive flower selections.  At the top of that list is baby’s breath.  While it was once treated only as a bouquet filler, it is now appreciated for its stand-alone beauty.  There are many advantages, but also a couple of disadvantages to using this flower in your wedding.

One of the things that many brides complain about after a wedding is having nothing to do with the used centerpieces.  While it might be possible to sell- or to loan them to another bride-to-be, that isn’t always practical or easily done, as every bride has different tastes.  However, if you are wise about your centerpieces, you may just find that you want to take them home at the end of the event, because they can be repurposed around your home.

  1. No Need to Mail Save the Dates One of the greatest reasons to have a wedding website is that it can be a big budget saver. The cost of printing and mailing Save the Date cards, for instance, can be quite significant.  But, a countdown on your website can greet the guests-to-be when you invite them to view your website.
  2. Registry Information in One Place Make it easy on those who aren’t so close to you that they know what you need and what you like in your home. Registries are great, and your website will keep all of that information organized for those who need it.

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