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How to Make Your Big Wedding Feel Intimate

A wedding is very much looked forward to by those being wed, as well as their family and friends.  When the guest list grows and grows, though, there is the danger of losing the intimacy that makes it memorable.  If you want to ensure that everyone has a good time and feels a part of the big day, consider these tips.

Seating If your budget can afford it, opt for nicer chairs, or chair covers as opposed to smooth plastic chairs.  Wood grain or padded covers can provide a more inviting setting that welcomes guests to sit and visit.  You might even consider asking friends and family members to lend you chairs for the event.  Mismatched chairs can also help define individual areas within the room.  It removes the cold and sterile feel of white plastic in a large space.

After Dinner Coffee Serving coffee, either on a coffee bar, or on the trays of your serving staff can make people linger at their tables and continue the close knit conversations.  This will help to maintain that intimate feel that your desire.  If you aren’t a fan of coffee, then consider tea or cordials.

Quartet Rather than hiring a DJ, consider a quartet or band to play at your wedding.  This generally produces a quaint feel that a disc jockey can’t replicate.  Many of these musicians are capable of playing a wide range of music to suit your tastes.

Candles and Unexpected Lighting Dim the overhead lights and create ambiance with candles and strings of lights.  A canopy of light over the dance floor and candles as centerpieces, for instance, can really help to create that intimate feel.

Extra Wait Staff Having additional servers on hand at the venue means that guests are doted on and never left waiting for glass refills or with other concerns.  That can really reduce the feeling of being lost in a large crowd, and that makes it well worth the investment.

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