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Throwing an All White Wedding in Lake Tahoe

All-white weddings are beautiful.  They have a timeless appeal, but they also require a lot of planning, forethought, and the ability to look past the spills and stains that are bound to happen.

Preparation for the all-white wedding is essential.  If you want to ensure that all of your guests dress appropriately, you need to be sure that your invitations clearly state that you expect everyone to wear white.

Part of the preparation, though, is mentally and emotionally preparing yourself for the fact that there will be guests – one, two, or dozens – who don’t follow your direction.  And, undoubtedly, those who don’t wear white will show up in the brightest, loudest colors.  Even those who make the attempt will often only wear white from the waist up, because white pants aren’t a common component of a person’s wardrobe.

So, what do you do when guests show up in the bright colors and you have already arranged for the gorgeous overhead shot of everyone in a sea of white? There are a few things that you can do.  The first would be to ask those individuals not in white to step aside.  Of course, this risks hurting feelings, which isn’t likely something that you want to do on your wedding day.  Another idea is to have white shirts on hand.  Whether bought or borrowed for this purpose, you can hand them out to those who forgot to wear white.  Button up shirts are best because they are easy to wear over other clothing, and won’t risk ruining a fancy hairdo.

Another big consideration to keep in mind is that white stains extraordinarily easily.  So, it is very wise to carefully consider what type of food and beverage you serve at your reception, if you hope to keep everyone stain free.  Opt for color-free beverages and avoid foods containing tomato sauces or other stain-prone ingredients.  There are stain sticks on the market that claim to be able to remove stains or to bleach them out without having to run the clothing through a washing machine.  It might be worth having some of these on hand.

As a playful gesture, you could give guests a care package as their favor, which contains bleach, stain remover, or other product to care for the white clothing after the wedding.

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