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Before You Start Your Wedding Registry

Very likely, creating a wedding registry will be one of the more fun aspects of planning a wedding.  It will also, very likely, be the aspect most embraced by your spouse-to-be.  However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, before you accept the scanner and start marking the items that you most desire.

Although you will be excited about creating this list of potential gifts, don’t go into the process blind.  Be sure that you have a realistic list of things that are needed around the home.  While the electric wine bottle opener will be fun to own, if you are still eating off of paper plates, it might be better to register for dinnerware, for instance.

On the other hand, don’t register for high end cookware if you and your spouse never cook at home.  You’d probably be better off registering for bath towels, new bedding, or some other essential item that doesn’t require you to change your routine.

When registering for home décor items, be sure that they fit within the tastes of both you and your spouse.  While it is nice to compromise while making the list, you may eventually own these items and if they are going to annoy you or your spouse when displayed in your home, then they are not wise choices.

Be conscious of the size of your registry as well.  It can be a great deal of fun and that could lead to creating a huge, long list of items, which can ultimately mean getting the frivolous gifts, rather than the ones that are truly needed or the ones that will last for many years to come.

Beware of registering for expensive items that are part of a set.  If the set cannot be purchased all together, you don’t want to run the risk of getting one piece, and being unable to afford the rest.

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