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Three Tips to Keep You from Becoming Bridezilla

Every bride-to-be experiences moments of frustration during the planning process. Whether it is a result of butting heads with the mother of the groom, suffering for the inadequacy of vendors, or discovering that the weathermen had it all wrong, obstacles can be devastating.  If you hope to keep your cool and to avoid being the stereotypical bridezilla, take these three tips into consideration.

Choose Your Bridesmaids Wisely Your bridesmaids can be your first line of defense against a full meltdown in the face of unexpected obstacles.  While you will, of course, want your best friend at your side when you day “I Do”, if she has a very combative attitude, you might want to consider balancing it with a couple of easy-going bridesmaids, who will help you keep calm.  The best bridesmaids are those who can be counted on to be where they are supposed to be on time, and prepared to help should something go awry.

Expect Hiccups along the Way While it would be nice if everything could go perfectly for your wedding day, it rarely happens, so you are much better off understanding that obstacles will arise.  You won’t always be able to predict them, but if you aren’t expecting everything to be perfect, then you will find It much easier to calmly come up with a solution to the problems that you encounter along the way.

Have a Backup Plan When Relying on the Weather  No one ever said that weathermen are perfect.  Predicting the temperatures and conditions of the day is not an exact science, so don’t be overly shocked when you wake up on the morning of your wedding and find that rain is suddenly on the map for your area.  Plan ahead of time, with a backup plan, because mud puddles and torrential downpours probably won’t make for the most beautiful photographs.

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