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Keep Your Wedding Guests Dancing

Most guests at a wedding expect there to be dancing, but that doesn’t mean that they will be brave enough to approach the empty dance floor.  If you have any hope of getting your guests on the floor, you are going to need some help and a bit of planning.

Respect the DJ Do your homework before hiring the DJ who will run your dance floor.  Once you have chosen wisely, sit back and let the professional do his or her job.  An experienced DJ will ask for song input.  Of course, you should dictate which songs you want for special dances and make a few requests for your favorites, but don’t make your list overlong, and don’t limit the potential playlist too much.  A great DJ will read the crowd and determine what songs are most likely to keep the dance floor full.

Plan the Layout Carefully Make sure that the dance floor is convenient and comfortable for those willing to feel the groove.  It should be big enough to allow your guests space to move, but not so large that dancers feel exposed on a seemingly bare dance floor.  It is also wise to keep the tables close to the dance floor, so those who are sitting feel encouraged to join in.

Don’t Stop the Dancing One of the biggest mistakes that brides make is starting the dancing and then stopping it to deliver speeches and toasts.  Dancers may not return to the dance floor if you make them leave.  So, plan to have the toasts said before the first dance, then keep the music playing and the feet moving.

Participate If you want your guests to feel compelled to dance, then you shouldn’t shy away from the dance floor yourself.  Be sure that you are out there with everyone, enjoying your big day as much as they will.

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