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Fun and Funky Ways to ask Her to be your Maid of Honor

You know you want her to be at your side throughout the wedding planning, and on the big day, but you want to be sure that you ask her in the perfect way.  There are many ideas for how you might “pop the question” to your maid of honor, but we particularly like the following.

Write it on the Bottom of Her Coffee Mug Whether it is a wine glass or a coffee mug, treat her to a drink and some light-hearted conversation.  When she has finished her beverage, be sure she reads the invitation at the bottom.

Give Her a Ring, Too He popped the question with a ring, so maybe you should, too.  We’ve seen brides do it with ring pops, but you could also splurge on a gemstone, which she should could wear on your wedding day.

Send Her Flowers If she works in an office, you might even want to make it a big “to-do” by sending her flowers.  The florist will happily include your message on a card.

Place Two Dolls with the Message Where She’s sure to Find Them Dolls are often used to symbolize friendship, so place two of them in the front seat of her car, on her kitchen counter, or in some other place that she is sure to find them.  Include a message about how special your friendship is and then ask her to do you the honor.

Ask it With a Lucky Charm Bracelets with charms and lockets have certainly made a big comeback.  If she loves them, then treat her to a charm that she can add to her collection.  There are plenty of places that will engrave it with “Maid of Honor” for you.

Mail Her a Balloon This has become a rather trendy way to ask someone to be a bridesmaid, but it is not without charm.  Send a balloon in the mail, ask her to blow it up.  On the surface, you can write, “Be My Maid of Honor”.  The message is certainly clear enough.

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