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Unexpected Twists That Guests Will Love to See At Your Wedding

Every bride wants her wedding to be extra special and memorable.  You are undoubtedly feeling the same way if you are in the process of planning your big day.  If that is the case and you haven’t come up with that something special that will make your day stand out, then consider these fun and unexpected add-ons.

Portrait Artist There are many talented artists throughout the country.  You could certainly find someone willing to do a painting of your ceremony while it is taking place, or to do caricatures of your guests during the evening.  This little unexpected twist will certainly make your guests ooh and ahh.

To-Go Boxes If you are serving a formal sit-down dinner, then give guests the option to carry their leftovers home with them.  The finest restaurants do it, and this is a great opportunity to add another element of surprise.  Personalized to-go boxes would certainly be a very cute concept.

Photos from the Past Dig up the family photos and be ready to create some black-and-white works of art.  There are, at the very least, two different ways that you can use photos to make a big impact on your wedding day.  The first is to include an old photo of each guest on the table seating chart.  The second is to use pictures of you and your groom-to-be for the center of each table.  Consider making your age in the photo correspond to the table number.

Filled Cake A beautiful cake is certainly something to comment on, but when that cake is cut into and a surprise waits inside, the impact will be much greater.

Unusual Seating Arrangements Rather than sticking with the usual rows of seats on each side of the aisle, consider a more fun and funky chair layout.  Place the chairs in concentric circles, so you and your groom stand at the center.  Or, place them in a spiral, so you walk round-and-round, inching closer and closer to your groom.

Lights Out, Twinkle Lights On Make a big splash at the reception by turning off the overhead lights and illuminating hundreds of twinkle lights as soon as the music starts for your first dance.

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