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Seven Animals That Could Easily Make an Appearance at Your Wedding

If you love wildlife and your pets, then you are going to adore these ideas for welcoming animals at your wedding.  While some places allow you to lease exotic species for the day, it will be much easier to work these common wedding guests into your big day.

  1. Goldfish In the fishbowl centerpieces and able to be released into a private pond after the event, or kept in an aquarium.
  2. Your Dog There are many wonderful ideas for including your pooch in your big day. You might even have him or her serve as ring bearer.
  3. Butterflies Release them after the ceremony for a gorgeous moment that few will forget. You can catch caterpillars and wait for them to transform (look up timelines on the internet), catch butterflies, or just order them.
  4. Lightening Bugs Jars of lightning bugs can really add to the ambiance of an evening wedding. Just be sure to treat them kindly, and release them when the day comes to an end.
  5. Doves Doves, which are loyal to their mates, have long been a wedding symbol. Releasing a pair was once part of the classic wedding ceremony.  Today that is not the case for concerns of the birds’ welfare.  However, trained doves and pigeons are not uncommon and you could certainly have a pair at your wedding, to be “released” to their owners.
  6. Horses The horse drawn wagon is as beautiful and sentimental as it always was. Make your departure extra special by climbing up into the carriage to be towed by a gorgeous team of working horses.
  7. Goat Today, goats are commonly kept as backyard pets. Small pygmy goats have been used in wedding ceremonies before.  However, we do recommend an outdoor wedding if you would like to incorporate goats as they do have a mind of their own.
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