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Wedding Planning: Five Wonderful RSVP Card Tips

RSVP cards have got to be one of the biggest frustrations of wedding planning.  You can make all of the arrangements, but if you don’t have a good headcount, you won’t have any idea how much of everything you will need.  The number of tables, chairs, plates, cups, and favors, for instance, needed can be impacted.  And, of course, there is the concern about catering and cake ordering.

  1. Create a Spreadsheet Keeping your invite list organized is the key to success. Before you even order the RSVP cards, create a spreadsheet of the guests you plan to invite.  Allot columns for attending, not attending, each of the offered food options, date, and no date. It will be much easier to make a mark under each category when you receive the RSVPs than it will be to write everything out, or worse yet, to try and remember who is or isn’t coming.
  2. Number Your RSVP Cards Before you send the RSVP cards, place a small number on each card that corresponds to the numbered row for that person on the spreadsheet. As they are returned, you can just look for that row number and mark the responses on the sheet.
  3. Specify the RSVP Date Provide an “RSVP by” date. Don’t leave that request open ended.  The date provides a deadline for the guests and for you.  Whatever responses you haven’t received by that date, you should follow up on.  Just make a phone call or send a nice text or email requesting a response.
  4. Always Include Postage Always put return postage on the RSVP cards, so your guests don’t have to foot the bill, and it will also be more convenient for them to mail back to you.
  5. Accept Online RSVPs You can request that everyone return the RSVP card, but many people will be more likely to respond online these days, if you provide that option. But don’t take the responses everywhere.  Designate a channel, whether it is through text message, Facebook, email, or your wedding website, be sure that everything arrives in one place, so you don’t misplace responses.
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