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Ten Great Ideas to Keep Kids Busy at Your Wedding

The debate about whether or not kids should be invited to your wedding is an ongoing and often fierce one.  It doesn’t really matter though.  All that does matter is that you do what you want with your day.  If you want the kids to attend, then invite them.  You can ensure that they have a great time, too, with a few easy “quiet fun” ideas.

  1. I Spy Bottles If you have soda bottles, rice, and a few small objects, then you can create I Spy Bottles, which are simply mini treasure hunt games. Kids are provided a list of items that they must locate in the bottle.  They cannot open it, but instead must twist it and turn it until they have seen all of the objects on the list.
  2. Paper Dolls A classic time-killer for kids, this idea has certainly been revamped in recent years. There are many small sets that mimic the paper doll phenomenon, but have made both the doll and the clothes magnetic.  We suggest a bridal theme!
  3. Word Games There are books upon books that you can buy, or you can make- and print your own. For kids who are old enough to read, these can be fantastic forms of fun.
  4. Fishing Pole Game Do you remember this game from when you were a kid? You can make your own version.  A stick with string and a washer tied to the end becomes your pole.  Cut out small felt fish shapes: use two and sandwich a small magnet in between. Voila!  You have fish to be caught and a bunch of willing fishermen.
  5. Removable Road Tape and Cars They make rolls of tape printed with road designs. Its reusable, so kids can stick it to the tables to create tracks for their cars to travel on.
  6. Lacing Cards Cut out shapes of cardboard, punch holes all along the edges, give the kids string, and let them lace up the shapes.
  7. Velcro Potato Head Potato head is a classic. Set out a bunch of the spuds at the table, or, recreate the fun out of paper and Velcro.
  8. Noodle Necklaces All you need is yarn and pre-painted noodles of various shapes. Kids can create their own necklaces and bracelets while you enjoy your wedding.
  9. Dry Erase Silly Photo Book Laminate some photos of you and your groom, bind them together in miniature books, and provide the kids with dry erase markers. They can give you the mustache that you never wish to have.
  10. Chalkboard Table Top If the venue will allow you to bring your own table, consider purchasing a small card table for the kids and paint it with chalkboard paint. Provide the chalk and they will be busy for hours.
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