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Five Things that You Should Make Time For on Your Wedding Day

If you want to look back at your wedding day with fond thoughts, then you better make sure that you are taking care of your own needs instead of spending the whole time catering to others.  In honor of that thought, we provide a list of must-dos on your big day.

A Little Fun with the Girls Be sure that the time spent getting ready is as much fun as the reception.  Spend that time gossiping and visiting with those who mean so much to you – the girls in your bridal party.  Sip some wine, share a pot of coffee, nibble on snacks and help each other with last minute hair- and make-up issues.

Meditation Call it what you want, but you should definitely set aside a few minutes to take a breather, all on your own.  Reflect on all of the positive things that are happening in your honor and let go of any stress that you might be feeling.

A Secret Smooch with the Groom That “first kiss” as a married couple is wonderful, and undoubtedly special, but make sure you are able to share your second (or third) in a more private setting.  Whether it is in your private limo or just slipping around the corner, take a moment of private time with the one who said “I Do.”

Dancing You hired a DJ (or a band) to play for the party, in your honor, so be sure to show off your moves.  Don’t be shy.  This is your big day and a great time to let loose.  Enjoy the music, your friends, your family, and that special someone who has agreed to spend a lifetime with you.

A Meal The biggest mistake made by brides on their wedding days is failing to eat.  These are often long events, spread over many hours, and you don’t want to be feeling faint at the end of it.  Take the time to enjoy the meal that you worked so hard to plan.

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