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Contending with the Last Minute Guest List Changes

It happens to every bride, and it can certainly add stress to the big day, but if you are prepared in advance, you can handle those last minute changes with grace.  There are those who will cancel at the last minute – a child is sick, the plane was delayed, or there was a sudden change to the work schedule, etc – and there are those who just simply overlooked the need to RSVP.

The Last Minute Cancellations Ask your caterer, but chances are that you will have to pay for the guests even if they cancel at the last minute.  Expect this cost, regardless of who comes and who doesn’t.  The caterer will have a difficult time scaling up or down to meet those last minute changes.

Aside from the cost, there will likely be concerns about table arrangements.  After all of that work creating a seating chart, it can be difficult to address the last minute seating changes, but the good news is that most weddings have tables of different sizes, so if you have to, use a smaller table when laying out the space and just alert the caterer that you will need fewer table settings.

The Last Minute Additions This is a little trickier to manage.  If it isn’t too late, be sure that you stipulate that RSVPs are a must.  Though you may feel bad, as long as you made the stipulation, it is fair that you refuse additional party guests.  If you fear that this might happen to you, and you don’t want to have to say no, then consider serving a buffet style meal, instead of a sit down dinner.  It will be a bit easier to oversize the meal to account for any last minute additions.  Discuss this possibility with the caterer in advance so everyone is on the same page.

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